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From package management, to debugging, to automted testing. InvisionDev does it all.

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InvisionDev CLI

Revolutionize your IPS workflow!

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Get going with ease.

Whether you’re a seasoned IPS expert, or just getting started, our development tools are made for everyone.

PhpStorm Support

Unlock the full potential of PhpStorm with IPS type hinting, including support for database fields.

Build Automation

Automatically build and sort your applications by release number from the CLI with just one command.

Invision REPL

Interact with your IPS installation via a real-time, fully functioning command-line. An essential tool for testing and debugging alike.

Support tools

Break something? It happens. InvisionCli's got your back with an array of support tools to get your site back up and running.

Download and Install IPS entirely from the CLI

Simply link your IPS account with InvisionCli and away you go!

Automated acceptance testing Coming soon

Generate and run automated acceptance tests for your IPS applications. Compatible with GitHub actions!

Free for open source software. * Commercial use requires a commercial license.

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PhpStorm Support
Build Automation
Invision REPL
Automated Testing Coming Soon Coming Soon
Automated Installer
Support Tools
Commercial Use
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